Our daughter had been wearing glasses for many years. However, between school, playing sports and every day activities, at times, I know that she wished she didn’t have to wear glasses. We were looking into getting her contacts to provide her with some relief and flexibility. It was at this consultation appointment with Dr. Yeung that we were introduced to Orthokeratology (OrthoK).

As with anything that is new, there is always hesitation. When you add something “new” that can be used on your “eyes” – anxiety and worry is even more prevalent. What is it? What does it do? Is it okay? Is it safe? The questions, felt overwhelming. However, after sitting with Dr. Yeung our anxiety and worry were put at ease. Dr. Yeung explained all the details, treatment and what our daughter could expect by using OrthoK. No matter how small, trivial, and/or repetitive our question(s) were, they were addresses and answered.

As we embarked on the ‘OrthoK road’, we could not have anticipated the results. The ease of use and ease of care – so simple! The benefits - amazing! The freedom that this has provided to our daughter - fantastic! No longer does she have to worry about wearing glasses all day. Soccer is a lot easier to play when you don’t have glasses bouncing on your nose. Swimming – an amazing feeling for her to see from one end of the pool to the other with no glasses on! Other school activities, outdoor activities, indoor activities, dancing, bike riding, etc., the list can go on and on ... all made so much simpler without having to wear glasses and still have 20/20 vision. Our daughter has now being using OrthoK for close to five years and the ongoing care that our daughter continues to receive from Dr. Yeung has been outstanding.

Should you consider OrthoK? Absolutely! We have recommended OrthoK to many of our friends and family.

The positive outcome that OrthoK has had on our daughter and the joy that we see in her enjoying her new found vision – just awesome!
— Mike and Mona

"Wearing these lenses are helpful and simple ..."

I am most pleased about how quickly I picked up wearing lenses, and how much it helped me.

Wearing these lenses are helpful and simple to use daily.
— Naomi (9 years old)

"... ortho-k lenses have helped me immensely."

Personally, the ortho-k lenses have helped me immensely. They allow me to see everything that goes on around me, all without the need to carry around a case. I recommend these lenses to every child who has myopia. These lenses will be a lifesaver.
— Liza (15 years old)
During the training, we found out that the lenses didn’t hurt unless there it was dirt, putting in the lenses was easy after some practice, ... and eye infection was preventable with proper cleaning.

I would recommend OrthoK because you don’t need to wear glasses/contacts during the day and you don’t feel much of an impact when wearing them because you’re asleep.
— Ethan (15 years old)

“ … In 8 days your eyesight will be 20/20. I think everyone should try Ortho-K. It would make a huge difference in your life.”

I didn’t want to wear glasses because I thought they would look ugly, so I went with contacts. We chose Ortho-K because it prevents our eyesight from getting worse. They really help me a lot and now I feel normal and less stressed about everything!

Ortho-K helped my school life and made it much better. At first, I couldn’t see my teacher’s white board and had to sit at the front without my friends, but now I can sit at the back and see the board perfectly fine.

At the start, it was difficult figuring out how it worked and felt uncomfortable. Now, I feel it is becoming a nightly routine. It doesn’t feel uncomfortable and it isn’t really difficult to care for them. It’s like a nightly routine.

I think it is a great opportunity instead of wearing glasses. In 8 days your eyesight will be 20/20. I think everyone should try Ortho-K. It would make a huge difference in your life.
— Amelia (12 years old)

“I have been using Ortho-K lenses for the past 5 years and found them useful in many parts of my life. Overall the lenses contributed greatly to my comfort, despite the discomfort associated with the first few days of using them. Eventually putting in Ortho-K lenses just feels like brushing your teeth, especially with how easy it is to use and maintain them. I would highly recommend Ortho-K to anyone who wants to give it a shot — you won’t be disappointed.”

— Matt (17 years old)

"Ortho-K was life-changing for me."

Ortho-K was life-changing for me. Before, it was a pain wearing glasses wherever I went, but now, my eyes have never felt better. No glasses to carry with me wherever I go. Just a simple routine that results in amazing eyes.
— Rayan (14 years old)

Selina's vision was doubled after one year of wearing glasses. Since enrolling Orthok program, her vision has maintained at 20/20. 

My daughter has never worn contact lens before. The main concern before starting Orthok was the possible risk of wearing Orthok lens. Knowing the fact that Orthok lens are only used for the night while my girl is sleeping, and no need to wear it during the day brought me some reasurance. I did some online research. I also brought up my concerns during the consultation session with Dr. Yeung. I learned that orthok lens is the same as any other contact lens in terms of risk. My daughter has enrolled the program for almost a year. We are pretty happy about the program.

Selina is doing fencing practice. While she was wearing glasses, she had to stop in the middle of the fencing game to adjust her glasses under the fencing helmet. We tried special sport glasses to help secure the glasses. Unfortunately the expensive sport glasses were not comfortable to wear and didn’t help at all. Finally we learned about the Orthok program. The moment I heard that no need to wear glasses during the day time, I knew that it would be a perfect solution for Selina. I am glad that we made the right choice. Not only Selina’s vision maintains the same, but also she can enjoy all her activities glasses-free.

I have recommended three friends to the Orthok program. Wearing glasses may be easy at the beginning, but it doesn’t stop the vision from getting worse. Selina’s vision was doubled after one year of wearing glasses. Since enrolling Orthok program, her vision has maintained at 20/20. In addition to maintain a great vision, the biggest advantage is that NO MORE glasses and she can do any activities as she likes without worrying about glasses.
— Rita

"... I can just jump into the lake at the beach ..."

My glasses do not stay on my face properly, due to the way my nose is shaped, and I have found that I have very dry eyes when wearing regular soft contact lenses, making it very uncomfortable for me to wear them for over a few of hours. So naturally, when I heard about the OrthoK program, I was very interested, and I did a great deal of research prior to calling up most clinics in the GTA that offered the program, for more information. But I was hesitant about starting the program because of the cost of the lens, and also because I wasn’t sure if the program would be suitable for me, as the program seemed to be geared towards growing children and people who played sports, and I fit into neither category. I brought my concerns to Dr. Yeung, and she was able to address them in a very informative manner, providing me with answers, personal experiences, and directed me to further resources regarding the OrthoK program. With all the research that I’ve done, I found that the OrthoK program offered by Dr. Yeung was the best option for me, so I gave it a go.

For me, it took several tries to get my perfect lens, but Dr. Yeung and the Oakville Eye Care staff were incredibly helpful, and were there for me every step of the way. I can now see clearly during the day without anything in my eyes or on my face, and it’s hard for me to remember what it was like to not see things clearly. I can easily rub the dust from my eyes, I can take a nap anywhere without worrying about taking off my lens first, and I can just jump into the lake at the beach without having to take off and find a place to store my lens/glasses. I have already recommended the OrthoK program to my friends and family, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has any reason to feel that their life would be far better if they didn’t have to wear a lens or glasses during the day.
— Julia Y.